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One of the more promising bits of news of late.

A group of youngsters just won a major decision in their efforts to sue the federal government over climate change. An Oregon judge ruled Friday that their lawsuit, which alleges the government violated the constitutional rights of the next generation by allowing the pollution that has caused climate change, can go forward.

The federal lawsuit is part of a broad effort led by Oregon-based nonprofit Our Children’s Trust. The group and its allies have filed lawsuits and petitions in every state in the country. Filed in August, the complaint alleges that the U.S. government has known for half a century that greenhouse gases from fossil fuels cause global warming and climate change.

The suit is based in part on the idea of the public trust — the same doctrine that guides the Clean Water Act. Under the idea of public trust, governments must protect commonly held elements, such as waterways and the seashore, for public use. Under this lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege that the climate and atmosphere must be likewise protected.

Lees and Orts

“It’s one thing to lose a 12-minute version of ‘Sherry Darling,’ or the first-round of the 2072 NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament. But when the state legislature finds itself besieged by hundreds of angry, blue-balled, hairy-palmed, half-blind preachers, that’s when you’ll really see things move.”

Charles P. Pierce 1 2

Lees and Orts

Thousands of supporters poured into the Times Union Center on Monday night to voice their support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The billionaire businessman also drew a small crowd of protesters outside the arena, and several made their way into the forum and were ejected.

Supporters chanted “U.S.A., U.S.A.” as security removed the handful of protesters who disrupted the event several times.

“Send them back home to Mom,” Trump said from the dais.

The Republican front-runner spoke to approximately 10,000 people at the downtown Albany arena Monday night but had to stop five times due to demonstrators.

It is no small irony that the putative centerpiece of a Trump presidency would be the construction of a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico in order, doncha know, to keep out undesirables. I mean, hell – Trump is patently unable to prevent protestors from crashing his rallies. WTF?

Perhaps if he erected walls around each of the events? And got the protestors to pay for them?

Lees and Orts

Tennessee ups the ante on their cray cray. 3 After all, if you so object to them why stand in the way of their conversions?

Senators took final action Monday on the bill, opposed by the American Counseling Association, that would make Tennessee the only state allowing therapists to refuse to treat patients out of hand if Haslam signs it into law.

Senator agreed to a House amendment that changed the bill’s original language from “sincerely held religious beliefs” to “sincerely held principles.”
Tennessee’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has objected to the legislation, saying it could prove especially harmful to young LGBT students bullied at school.

Jeez…ya think?

Lees and Orts

too freaking weirdPresented without comment. 4

It took light years of travel through the galaxies to get the details right. Any captain or commander would be proud to sport this ship as it effortlessly glides through the universe of bling. Available in your choice of metals and gems including:

~White gold with Color enhanced Blue diamonds and white diamond galaxy
~White gold with topaz and white diamond galaxy
~Sterling silver with blue topaz and CZ (sterling model will be slightly thicker for strength)


~ Platinum with Blue color enhanced diamonds and white diamond galaxy.

So prepare yourself to boldly go where no jewelry has gone before

Lees and Orts

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  1. Commenting on this.
  2. Wait! There’s pron on the Internet?
  3. As well as thrusting Big Government down its citizenry’s  throats. Oh well, one expects that after the last decade the ReThugs and Teabaggers have lost their gag reflex entirely.
  4. Difficult at it may be…

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