Diane Feinstein :: Benito Mussolini

For a putative Democrat, Senator Feinstein sure behaves an awful lot like Mussolini.

In cahoots with Senator Richard Burr, Feinstein has drafted something called the Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016. It’s a nine-page piece of shit that would basically outlaw end-to-end encryption.

Well, sweet Jebus, Nick – just how bad might this bill be, you could reasonably wonder.

Kevin Bankston put it this way:

Hell, even the White House –which would love to back-door everything they can’t otherwise kill by drone– have refused to endorse the proposal.

What’s striking about these constant assaults on encryption is that the world’s experts have already weighed in on the subject and, to an individual, their response can be succinctly summed up as “Back doors bad!”

But we suppose if we were in the Congress’s position, e.g. if we poorly running the country (when we could be bothered to work at all) by fiat while simultaneously blatantly lining our pockets with everything we could beg, borrow or steal, we too might be worried about what the lumpen masses were thinking; it is not simply a passing phase that Sanders and Trump are popular. Instead call it an awakening.

Diane Feinstein :: Benito Mussolini

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