Y’all Qaeda in Full Bloom

The GOP-controlled Mississippi Senate is expected to vote today on House Bill 1523, which has already cleared the House.  Gov. Phil Bryant told Mississippi News Now he would sign the measure.

“I don’t think it’s discriminatory,” Bryant said. “I think it gives some people as I appreciate it, the right to be able to say that’s against my religious beliefs and I don’t need to carry out that particular task.”

By “that particular task,” Bryant ostensibly means treating LGBT people with any shred of dignity whatsoever. But it’s not just LGBT people who’d be affected. HB 1523 would also open the door to discrimination against anyone who’s had extramarital sex — a category of people which, according to one study, includes 95 percent of Americans.

Jebus H Fucking Ke-rist on a pogo stick – h. monastic simply will not go quietly, will they?

This “bill” is so broad that if the disapproving clerk at the Motel 6 in Mississippi disapproves of your ungawdly Northern ways he could legally refuse you a room because…Jebus! Of course that presumes Will and Grace are so suffused with teh stoopid as to be in Mississippi in the first place.  1

Ironically, HB 1523 itself is so suffused with teh stoopid it will be snuffed out long before it reaches SCOTUS.

Y'all Qaeda in Full Bloom

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  1.  Sigh….it’s Grace’s fault; it’s always Grace’s fault.

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