Trump & the Nobel peace prize

We’ve already mentioned how disruptive Trump’s presidential candidacy has been to the normally hidebound, utterly micro-managed GOP primary process.

The flip side of that spinning coin is its transformative nature.

We’d been laughing so hard at the ReThug 2016 hair-on-fire-clown-circus-run-amok-primaries that we almost overlooked Trump has now and forever changed the GOP. We say almost because we briefly alluded to it in our disruption item earlier this week.

“The take-away from all this is obvious but won’t be apparent until 2020: others will follow where Trump and Sanders have dared to tread.”

Eventually one of them will succeed.”

We were (and are still ) not 100% sure ‘real ‘muricans’ will actually elect a vainglorious, balding & bigoted  proven liar, one uniquely unqualified for the position, to the White House. Then we remember Tricky Dick and suddenly take in an involuntary breath.

Folks, unless the ReThugs take The Donald out behind the barn right now and put two in his head, Trump will so stress the Frankenstein stitching sewing together 1 the various feuding factions (financial conservatives, tea-baggers, evangelical conservatives, plus corporate interest groups and a few of those paranoiacs who believe EVERY president is gonna come for their guns)  of the GOP that the Grand Ol’ Party will cease to exist as the last couple of generations have known it.

Instead it will be made over in Trump’s image: extremely angry middle-aged & middle-class white folks who know the Truth ‘in their gut’ – Washington is broken 2 ; people who have no use for any foreign military adventure (much less ‘free trade’); people who would send every immigrant (naturalized or not) back to their native lands 3; people who would bitch-slap Rubio and Cruz on a daily basis because that’s what they did in elementary, junior and high school. Real ‘Muricans!

No one has succeeded in revamping the GOP since Saint Raygun. No one has seriously tried.

Which means that Trump would necessarily be as influential as dimwitted Ronnie (only in a more blatantly sexist and racist fashion.) It does not even matter whether Trump succeeds 4 in his megalomaniacal quest – the GOP will have to deal with the resulting hangover for decades.

That’s transformative power.

Which must be why some chowder head worthy nominated Trump for this year’s Nobel peace prize. We mean, you can see the obvious connections, n’est-ce pas?

Jeebus H Fucking Ke-rist on a pogo stick!

Was it Trump’s overt tolerance for America’s Muslim community that got him the nod? Or perhaps it was his stance on waterboarding ? 5

Nope. In the nomination letter Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of Oslo’s Peace Research Institute, said he received, supporters said Mr. Trump deserved the prize for “his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China.”

The first thing that came to our mind was…just who the fuck can nominate someone for a Nobel? Turns out it’s a fairly longish list:

Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize requires no invitation. Eligible nominators are university rectors or chancellors, professors of political and social science, history, philosophy, law and theology; leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs; members of national assemblies, governments, and international courts of law; previous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates; board members of organizations and institutions that have received the Nobel Peace Prize; present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and former advisers of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

In other words, just about everyone but y’all and us.

The nominators, as well as the nominees, normally remain anonymous. Unless they choose to out themselves for some reason. Hmmm…why would news of Trump’s nod leak? we don’t suppose we’ll hear something tonight to the effect of  “Hey, look: the choke artist is speaking! So, choke artist, were YOU nominated for a Nobel? Were you? Well, were you?!!! No, no you were not. I was though…”

That’s brilliant AND transformative.

We believe in this case Gov. Christie, if he REALLY wants to cement that VP nod, should just go ahead and out himself as the nominator; it was a genius move.

Donald Trump: Nobel peace prize nominee.

That’s transformative power.


Show 5 footnotes

  1. Though some would argue suppressing.
  2. Okay – we’ll give them that one.
  3. They’ll also want to include the pesky blacks in this; just drop them off somewhere at an African port, any port, and let them find their way back to their original county.
  4. Apart, of course, from the effect his ruinous policies will have on the rest of America.
  5. Fuckin’ A!!!

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