The War of Northern Aggression

Occasionally one meets those who swear that they predicted the psychedelic chaos of the 60s. They are frauds, mostly.

Only the hep-cats who finger-snapped their way through the Beat movement acquired perspicuity enough to foresee the disaster of Vietnam (combined with John, Martin & Bobby’s deaths) would disrupt America on a volcanic scale. Those shrewd souls are all well into their 90s now; even if anyone still listened to them, they are too wise to play Cassandra.

However we are not yet of an age when wisdom bids us to silence 1 – the heart still insists that fair warning might be heeded, that the inevitable may yet be stayed. And truth to tell the idea that political history could again play a significant part in our life is disconcerting – to bloody hell with the Chinese and their notion of interesting opportunities. We find the thought repellent.

Over the last 40 years the crack between Americans and those who purport to govern them has yawned into a chasm, and is willy-nilly tipping the country toward violent and unpredictable situations. And this in parallel with the fact the country has also been drifting, like a late night leaden-eyed driver on an empty highway, toward the center-line of civil war for just as long. 2

Until the Advent of Trump we had been convinced the lumpen mass of Americans would remain apathetic, would remain content to doze through another few generations as they sleep walked into a gilded dystopia, the bastard child of Orwell’s 1984 and Judge’s masterpiece, Idiocracy. But after watching Trump’s drunken press conference after the Florida primary 3 we realized the closer he gets to the magic number  the sooner the professional commentariat will be singing his praises. Once Trump is the nominee the likes of Bill “I’m NEVER Right About ANYTHING!” Kristol and David “Yep; They PAY Me For this Tripe” Brooks will beard their snobbery, pinch their noses and start inking passionate paeans on the vital need to vote for Trump over Hillary. 4

This is not a prediction, just an obvious conclusion.

Should one need further proof of this assertion one need only look to today’s ReThug’s knee-jerk hissy-fit to Obama naming Merrick Garland 5 to fill Lil Tony’s seat on SCOTUS; through voter disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, and rigging enough of the Supremes seats to steal a presidential election, the religious right wing in America was well on its way in its attempt to recreate –if not the halcyon Antebellum days of yore — at least the hidebound cultural inflexiblity of the 50s. 6

No way the ReThugs want to lose their majority on SCOTUS now, much less to an Obama moderate/liberal/progressive pick – it would disrupt their e-vil plans. 7 So it’s war! First within the Grand Oldsters Party, next out into the populace at large.

First Rubio will take a diminutive dump on Trump by endorsing Cruz (ick!) and releasing his delegates to wander the political desert: Cruz (ick!) or Trump? Or do they stand with Kasich, if only to put off the ultimate lesser of two evils choice a while longer?

Either way this will not be enough to thwart the winner-take-all elections in heavily non-imaginary-deity-believing states, like…Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California. Should Trump win these states, along with a negligible portion of a couple more primaries, he’s got the nomination in the bag.

If Trump doesn’t win enough delegates outright and it comes to a floor fight 8…well, we mentioned the outcome of that dire scenario Tuesday. Same-same with an outcome wherein Trump takes the nomination but is trashed in the general election. Worst of all possible worlds is a neck-and-neck general election against Trump that Hillary takes by the menopausal hairs on her chinny-chin-chin.

All of this only further widening the chasm between them and us.

There’s no reason to feel we should be immune to this upcoming civil war 9 just because we’ve been through it before;  the notion is absurd and not just a little self serving.

But this feels different. This feels more dangerous, more damaging.

What was it Huey Walker said?  “The 90’s are going to make the 60’s look like the 50’s.”

Right idea, just a tad off on the timing.

War of Northern Aggression

Show 9 footnotes

  1.  This despite Nora’s best efforts.
  2. We apologize; we should have made reference to the War of Northern Aggression. Pardon our unconscionable bias, please.
  3. Though truly we could not bear to watch for long: Was he hawking his steaks again? “Huge, they’re fucking HUGE!” Ke-rist, he could have had the voice-over gig for the original Men’s Warehouse sideshow TV ads.
  4. Though this is a wasted effort – Trump ignores these dandies and there is yet no verifiable proof his followers can read at all.
  5. A jurist well thought of by a majority of both the DEMs and GOP.
  6. Complete (or is that replete?) with Blue Laws.
  7. Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!
  8. Wherein some wits insist Paul Ryan be nominated.
  9. Sorry – We keep doing that: The War of Northern Aggression.

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