On Rubio

You would think we’d be done with Rubio after he bailed out of the 2016 ReThug Clown Car.

But that would be underestimating the staying power of cockroaches, reality TV shows and politicians 1: Rubio truly believes he’s good enough, smart enough, and doggone It, people like him!, 2 to make an eventual comeback.

Yes, we’re aware that Rubio dropped out saying “It is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever.”  3 You would think that would put paid to his political ambitions and he’d go do something more in line with his talents (standing around looking photogenic), perhaps apprentice to Vivian Gonzalez at WSVN – 7News.

But, again, you’d be underestimating the little man’s huge ego. Rubio is convinced America needs him.

Worse, he’s nearly as religiously insane as Cruz and cold hearted as Trump ever thought about being. And the ReThug Old Guard are attempting an arranged marriage for him. 4

Failing that,  he’ll only be 48 in 2020 – we may be subjected to his run for the White House numerous times yet.  5

On Rubio

Show 5 footnotes

  1. But I repeat myself…
  2. This despite the massive, painfully humiliating evidence to the contrary.
  3. Not to mention his famous “I hate the Senate” speech disavowing his return to said dismal body.
  4. Which we presume Trump followers, not having been invited, would “crash.”
  5. Plus? Marco’s all pouty right now, what with not having gotten his way, but in a while, having extended his absence long enough that America will have forgotten that Little Marco said he would never go back to the Senate, the lying liar will announce that he is, indeed, going to run for his seat again. ’cause…liar.

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