No Hillary

Let us explain it this way…

To begin with Hillary relies on advice from noted war monger Henry Kissinger. Yes, we’re aware the old Khmer Rouge enabler, now in his mid-90s, is in a wattled neck-to neck race with the Queen Mum to see who kicks it first, so one might assume the friendship/mentoring of minor import. But don’t discount the staying power of his advice – he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the Vietnam War 1 when in fact he promulgated a policy of endless war.

The there’s Bill.

You remember Bill, n’est-ce pas? The guy who pushed hard for Wall Street deregulation, the sort of deregulation prior to Bill impossible to pass because the Democrats would always stop it? The deregulation, it should be noted, that created the new economy and directly led to The Great Recession of 2007/8?

Yeah, that Bill; gonna rely on his advice as well.

Next up: Gary Gensler. You won’t remember him, but he snuck Bill’s deregulatory language into the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, which Gensler had added as a last-minute rider to that year’s Appropriation bill. All this without the CFMA authors aware of the changes Gary had made. Yeah, Gary’s Hillary’s financial advisor.

And if you think we should just wait until Hillary’s in the White House to fill a SCOTUS seat, you haven’t been paying attention – Hillary would of course pick the most conservative fiscal judge imaginable, short of looking like a complete sell-out. 2 And as for social issues, well, Hillary has never met one she’s incapable of distancing herself from, all the while giving lip service to the idea of her support.

In other words, Hillary is just more of the same.

Should Hillary best Trump we imagine she will not do a single thing to reverse the rightward tilt of the nation. That’s not what the corporations who bought her want – surprisingly, they want a continuation of the policies that brought about Trump.

So no Hillary for us. At least with Bernie’s democratic socialism, we’d actually get something in return for our tax dollars. 3

No Hillary

Show 3 footnotes

  1. For you youngins, the irony of that international recognition moved a noted comedian to state the award made political satire obsolete. And so it had…until the 90s and the ReThugs’ Contract With America and its ensuing chaos, which has directly led to Trumpism.
  2. Or maybe she wouldn’t care at that point – she has to be smart enough to know that, if elected, she’s a lock to be a one-and-done president.
  3. Not, unfortunately, that Bernie has a hope in hell of receiving the nomination: The DNC’s undemocratic nominating rules have already assured that.

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