A top official with the NFL made a stunning admission Monday, agreeing with a neuropathologist before a Congressional panel that a link exists between football-related brain injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The league had never before publicly acknowledged such a connection.

A “stunning admission”? Surely they jest, n’est-ce pas? To whom would this be “stunning” – someone from Mars? Certainly not to anyone who’s lived in America over the last decade.

No, all that is happening is the NFL, which is not run by hard-core H. Monastic-leaning, corrupt politicians devoted to denying anything that threatens their place at the trough (think man made climate change/global warming), has decided to get out ahead of the problem. 1

Because the NFL is instead run by hard-nosed businessmen, people who have convinced the citizens of multiple American cities to foot the bill for their $100 million-plus stadiums, people who have forever so overcharged for their product that Joe Baller thinks it’s normal to pay $10 for a Bud Lite, people who make decisions based solely on ROI.

Unlike politicians, NFL owners know they need to control & contain the damage: from this day forward NO ONE who plays football should be able to claim monetary damages for CTE: The medical evidence has long been in on the causation and the NFL has officially confirmed it – if you play football you have a significant chance of developing CTE.

Legally speaking? Going forward it’s just another waiver – If you continue to play the sport knowing the risks, well…it’s your brain, bubba. 2 3


Show 3 footnotes

  1. If by “get ahead” one means “okay, we’ve stalled as long as we could; time to cut our losses; pay past claims and set up a firewall against all future claims.”
  2. Or, you know, was
  3. We’ll say it again – football as an organized sport should be phased out in this country – there’s not a single good reason for its continuance.

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