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We don’t know about you, but we’re at a loss to explain Little Lord Fauntleroy’s continuing 3rd and 4th place finishes: after all, he’s full of really good ideas.
Little Lord Fauntleroy

Lees and Orts

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland is seeking to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear, including riot-control suits and collapsible batons, as part of the city’s latest move to spend a $50 million federal security grant for July’s Republican National Convention.

Here’s guessing that both Trump and Cruz bring back from the NRA convention next month some “extra security” for the July GOP convention.

Lees and Orts

Together, those three insights added up to one terrifying theory: that if social change and physical threats coincided at the same time, it could awaken a potentially enormous population of American authoritarians, who would demand a strongman leader and the extreme policies necessary, in their view, to meet the rising threats.
This theory would seem to predict the rise of an American political constituency that looks an awful lot like the support base that has emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, to propel Donald Trump from sideshow loser of the 2012 GOP primary to runaway frontrunner in 2016…

…An irony of this primary is that the Republican establishment has tried to stop Trump by, among other things, co-opting his message. But when establishment candidates such as Marco Rubio try to match Trump’s rhetoric on ISIS or on American Muslims, they may end up deepening the fear that can only lead voters back to Trump.

What’s most worrisome about Trump is actually the hydrophobic intenseness of his Kandarian demons followers; fervent followers can often result in bodies littering the streets.

Lees and Orts

Rep. [Debbie Wasserman] Schultz (D-Florida) is cosponsoring H.R. 4018, which, among other things, delays the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulations on payday lenders for two years. The regulations are meant to stop the practice of “turned” loans, which are additional loans borrowers are forced to take on to pay back the abnormally-high interest rates attached to payday loans, which then leads to a cycle of debt for the borrower.

According to an internal memo obtained by the Huffington Post, Schultz is not only cosponsoring the bill, but is enlisting Democratic support for the measure.

With friends like these…

If you get the chance, vote for Bernie in your primary/caucus…

Lees and Orts

Let’s take a look at the post-Jindal Louisiana…or what’s left of it:

[T]he guy just has skills. His message, like Obama’s, is one of hope and actual change; he tends to emphasize the work he’s done reforming Louisiana’s notoriously corrupt political culture. And like Obama, he has the charisma to put it over. Nearly all prominent politicians are extremely charismatic. Being in a room with them is like being in a room with the sun; you can’t really look anywhere else. But some have it more than others, and Jindal has a lot of it.

He’s also a really good political organizer, which is how a Republican carries Louisiana (to be sure, the Democratic governor’s monstrously incompetent performance during Hurricane Katrina helped quite a bit.) And on the other metrics by which Obama stands out–his academic chops, his meteoric rise–Jindal actually betters Obama. The guy was accepted to both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, but decided to go for a political career, and accepted his Rhodes Scholarship instead. At 25 he was appointed Lousiana’s Secretary of Health and Hospitals; at 28, he became the youngest-ever president of the University of Louisiana system.

You can say many things about him–he’s written some nutty things about Protestants, and participated in an exorcism, which means he’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do if he runs for President. But he is not George W. Bush, or John Kerry, or Al Gore, or any of the other range of uninspired sons of the gentry who have graced our political landscape recently. He is phenomenally smart, and phenomenally talented, and phenomenally likeable. And I’m sure that complacent Democrats dismissing him as a goober with a God complex suits his current plans just fine.

Ms. McArdle seems to be living in an alternate universe, one where Louisiana hasn’t become a third world nation.

Lees and Orts

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