John Kasich

Quick! As we post this 1 John Kasich has garnered no more than 5% of the vote in any state today.

For the real money:

  • Does Kasich throw in the towel tonight?
  • If so: at what time (w/i 5 minutes)?
  • If not: how soon after his (putative) Ohio win?

Bonus round:

  • How greasily smarmy will Cruz appear tonight after his (putative) hair of his chinny-chin-chin win in Tex-Ass?
  • Are Cruz and Rubio REALLY so stupid they believe Trump will select one of them as his VP?
  • Is Ben Carson EVER going to get a clue?

Triple Bonus Round

  • Who is Martin O’Malley and why is he important? 2

John Kasich

Show 2 footnotes

  1. 8:35 PM CST
  2. Sorry: trick question. Martin O’Malley is no one important at all.

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