He’s Mental

Trump’s screed demanding A Great Wall of Mexico be built (with wetback labor and paid for by/in pesos), his desire to force Islamic-Americans into a diaspora, and casually dismissing a woman’s innate control of her own body are all fine with recovering cosmetic surgery victim Anne Coulter…

Our candidate is mental. Do you realize our candidate is mental? It’s like constantly having to bail out your sixteen-year-old son from prison,” Coulter replied. “OK, let’s move past last night’s tweet.”

“This is the worst thing he’s done,” she continued, adding that Trump’s comments about Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) status as a war hero were also hard to defend.

“Everything else I could probably defend. I could, I think, off the top of my head. Most of it — it was them overreacting,” she said, referring to liberals. “But the McCain thing, that was — OK it was a dumb joke, it didn’t work. Oh, well. Didn’t kill him. But that tweet last night…”

Later in the interview, Coulter confirmed that she was referring to Trump’s Heidi Cruz retweet when Yiannopoulos mentioned that Trump retweeted “a picture of Cruz’s wife and a picture of Melania.”

Just so we’re on the same page…Coulter is calling Trump mental.

Yup – that’s the universe we live in now.

He's Mental

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