Fan Mail From Some Flounder

5 March 2016


Holy crap! Have you SEEN how big Erin Little has got?! It’s like she’s carrying an Arkansas watermelon in there! 1 No way the human body was designed for that sort of load, just no way; it’s bound to do her an injury, don’t you think? So how long has she been carrying that humongous casaba around, anyway? Isn’t she due to be relieved soon?

Just curious…
Ben 2,
Sugar Creek

Ben 3,

Not being privy to the point of origin, as it were, we can but speculate.

Nora didn’t show while carrying Asta until about the 15th week, but it was obvious she was pregnant 12 weeks on with Asta Jr. This is because, as you so delicately noted, babies tend to stress/stretch out the muscles in the uterus and belly. This being Little’s third child one assumes she started showing closer to 12 weeks than 15. Which would put the probable birth date somewhat “around” Easter but most certainly before Earth Day.

And before you ask, Hearst Broadcasting offers generous maternity and paternity leave, so don’t expect to see Little for a couple of months come spring and early summer.

And, no – you should not send a gift.

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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  1. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
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