AlphaGo vs Lee Se-dol

The AlphaGo vs Lee Se-dol 5-game match has concluded, with AlphaGo winning 4-1.

All 5 games (as well as individual play-by-play GIFs and the attendant SGF files) are directly below. WNBTv is still digesting what this means, both for Go (generally, we think, it will improve human play) and AI (though here’s a link to a Verge article on same); we will publish our thoughts on these topics soon.


•Tuesday March 8: 10 PM CST: AlphaGo bests Lee Se-dol after 186 moves. Complete game below…

Game 1 move by move…


Download SGF


•Wednesday March 9: 10 PM CST: AlphaGo again beat Lee Se-dol in a 5-hour match.

Game 2 move by move…


Download SGF


•Friday March 11: 10 PM CST: AlphaGo beat Se-dol to seal match. There’s not a “mercy” rule in Go, so play will continue tonight and Monday.

Game 3 move by move…


Download SGF


•Saturday March 12: 10 PM CST: Lee Se-dol defeats AlphaGo in masterful comeback – by resignation!

Game 4 move by move…


Download SGF


•Monday March 14: 10 PM CST: AlphaGo defeats Lee Se-dol to take match 4-1.


Download SGF


AlphaGo vs Lee Sedaol

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