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So Feedburner is broken.

I was apprised of this by Fletcher Dodge; it seems around New Year’s WNBTv‘s feed simply ceased. I verified this by cruising around the neighborhood, checking the handful of blogs that listed WNBTv: most were woefully out of date and a couple (that used the Blogger feed tool that lists by most-recent-date-published) had consigned our feed to…well, nowhere, as our last known update was just prior to The Donald’s most recent presidential campaign bid. So I dug up my Feedburner password 1 and logged in to use their localized ‘ping’ tool: no joy. Next up was what Feedburner refers to as their ‘nuclear option’, a sync, which clears their cache and forces an update: also no joy.

Hmmm, something stunk to high AOL.

I returned to Feedburner’s landing page and noticed something odd: the latest announcements from Google were Saying goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds 7/26/2012 and Your Stats, Right Away 10/25/2010.

That explains it: Google’s abandoned the product: no updates, no maintenance, no luuuuuv, baby. Checking the Feedburner status blog confirmed this:

Feed and item stats for February 2nd and 3rd are delayed (fixed)

FeedBurner is experiencing some delays in the calculation of daily feed and item statistics. As of writing, the control panel shows feed and item stats up to February 1st, partial stats for February 2nd, and no stats yet for February 3rd. We’re processing the remaining data and hope to bring the statistics up-to-date ASAP.

Update 11:10 PDT: all stats up to and including February 2nd are now available.
Update Feb 5: stats for February 3rd are also available.

Sheesh – Google ignores/breaks its playthings more often than a willful 4 year-old.

Anyone got a replacement/work-around for Feedburner?

Also? Who the fuck is Nikki Haley and why should I care?

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  1. ‘password1234’ – boy, were we innocent back then or what?

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