Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia apparently requested his remains be cremated. However, in the interests of fair play, every American woman should be allowed to decide what’s really best for his body…

Antonin Scalia

So Scalia, that reprehensible moral monster, is dead.

Presidio County, TX, Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes (heart attack) and therefore no autopsy was necessary, this despite Texas law mandating said procedure. Scalia’s remains were pumped full of embalming fluid early this morning in preparation for the trip back to northern Virginia sometime early tomorrow.

I’m as sad over Scalia’s death as I will be at The Dark Lord’s final passing (hopefully writhing in magnificent pain.) But I am as ecstatic that Scalia’s finally off SCOTUS as I was when Dick “I Shoot ALL My Friends in the Face” Cheney was finally pried out of the White House.

Antonin Scalia

Of course this morning the flange of ReThugs on This Week started hootin’ & hollerin’ about not allowing Obama to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court because he has slightly less than a year left in his second term. This despite the fact it is Obama’s constitutional duty to nominate a replacement for Scalia. 1

On the same program Rubio said that not only shouldn’t Oval Office occupants be allowed to exercise the powers of the Presidency in their last year, but they’re also not responsible for anything that happens in the first year. 2 3

Overt stupidity being the order of the day, Mitch McConnell 4 immediately promised to block any SCOTUS appointment Obama should care to make. Which allowed Warren to launch a couple of stiff jabs at the negative space where McConnell’s chin should be.

Antonin Scalia

Load up on the popcorn: every possible argument & scenario regarding Obama nominating Scalia’s replacement and the ReThugs refusal to move on said nomination will be played out daily for the better part of the year. This despite an obvious negative outcome for the ReThugs: with SCOTUS stuck at 4-4, most likely all lower Appeals court (stocked with progressive and/or liberal judges) rulings will stand.

Not to mention the fact that so far the GOP has yet to find any presidential contender for which the populace at-large would vote. Meaning, either Bernie of Hillary would be the next person to make such a nomination. I mean, the ReThugs can’t count on SCOTUS to steal another election for them now, n’est-ce pas?

Antonin Scalia

Scalia was a throwback, a man who wished for the days when women stayed at home (with their fucking mouth shut) and niggers knew their place…and, yes, that includes Clarence Thomas. Scalia was against anything remotely identifiable as progress; the country will be better off without him sitting SCOTUS.

Or as the Onion put it: Justice Scalia dead following 30 year battle with social progress.

Antonin Scalia

Show 4 footnotes

  1. Follow-up note; it takes on average 125 days to confirm a SCOTUS nominee.
  2. Whew! That gets Shrub off the hook for that whole illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq thing. Man, that was a near thing…
  3. This must be driving Ann Coulter absolutely bat-shit crazy. Well, crazier than she already is: she spent a decade naming liberals  traitors for opposing Bush’s illegal invasion/occupation. Now she is in the unenviable position of having to defend Trump saying it. Serves her right, actually.
  4.  He of the ever receding chin-like thing below his permanently pursed lips.

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