A Bernie Snooze

So my Bernie bumper stickers came in the post over the weekend.

I was going to put one on my rear window but ran across a damned malfunctioning credit card machine guarding the Hy-Vee auto-car wash on State Line: it charged me $16 but refused to give either of the washes that money bought. Instead the clerk inside gave me a couple of paper chits/codes for use. But at that point it would have meant sitting in line for another 30 minutes – Sunday was a lovely day.

And then I thought…meh, maybe I’ll just retain them. You know: memento mori.

Though not because I think Bernie’s unelectable, because he is. Hell, I even think he can capture a large percentage of the national vote. Especially if The Donald is the GOP nominee. And I figure Bernie will just smear Hillary all over NH.

However, I doubt the Sanders campaign has got the ground game to compete.

I imagine I’ll wake to a 1 or 2 point Hillary win tomorrow and then we’ll all have to live with the how inevitable Hillary is message, coupled with endless news rehashing coverage of her sordid sojourn down the electronic mail trail, as well as what a freaking woman bitch she is…

In other words once again I’ll find myself a passive observer of the election cycle, my meager vote adrift upon a stormy sea, said tempest created by the mixture of The Blowhard’s endless hot air 1 and Hillary’s icy calculations.


A Bernie Snooze

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  1. Which exactly expresses the sullen masses beliefs and ideas (no small irony since the flaming egotist has yet to limn any details when it comes to policy.

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