Oregon Care Package

Meanwhile up in Oregon…

Harney County has told an Ammon Bundy-affiliated group of locals that it can’t hold a planned community meeting at the county-owned fairgrounds.

“We have a longstanding practice of allowing community groups to use county facilities,” said Harney County commissioner Steven Grasty. “But we unfortunately now find ourselves in a place where the county must deny those facilities to any group that is supportive of, associated with, or on the behalf of the militants at the refuge.”

The Bundy’s response to this affront was priceless: they established their own grand jury which issued and served notices of intent to those pesky unsupportive county officials.

In addition it appears that the Bundy’s have on hand a self-appointed United States at Superior Court Judge, fellow by the name of Bruce Doucette. Bruce’s background and experiences as a Colorado PC repair shop owner peecee repair shop owner certainly qualify Doucette to oversee said grand jury.

Doucette says that his role will be to “write up” whatever decision the self-appointed jurors reach. 1

Man, what a great country, right?

Oregon Care Package

Until the duly self-appointed sheriff’s actually start arresting Harney County officials and dragging them off to deepest, darkest gaol, how ’bout we helps keep their hands off their guns? You can help – just take Ian Duhig’s advice below.

Oregon Care Package

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  1. Check out Doucette’s FB page; he’s uploaded all of the notices – signed and finger-printed by the complete grand jury. These have to make for some risible reading.

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