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Locally…Nadia is back!

Wait…she was back. For just over a month; there appeared to be a position available at one of our  local rags – then there wasn’t.

So she motored back east late last week, though not as far as DC. Cleveland is her new home, where she will work with PolitiFact and NewsNet5, fact-checking the presidential candidates through the November elections.

FWIW: Nadia says Cleveland is a lot like parts of KC. 1

Lees and Orts

Of course Putin had nothing to do with it 2 ; he was just head of the Комите́т госуда́рственной безопа́сности (КГБ) at the time. It would be like…hmmm, well…oh! it would be like Obama knowing who the drones were assassinating killing. Unthinkable.

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The great mistake made by the mainstream left and right, even by NGOs such as Oxfam, is in imagining that the super-rich, now enjoying such massive riches, are somehow playing by the same rules as the rest of us. That they are “wealth creators” providing jobs and investment for the rest of us, or that they might give up their tax havens. If that ever were the case, it isn’t now. A tiny minority has gained from massive tax cuts and legislative leniency about where they shove their money. They have siphoned off gains in salaries and profits wherever possible and enjoyed hundreds of billions flowing into their asset markets. Meanwhile, the rest of us who provide the feedstock for their revenues see our welfare states hollowed out, our wages frozen and our employers failing to invest.

M. Chakrabortty baldly lays out what we’ve continually noted over the years. That he draws no conclusions is trivial – the obvious outcome derived from this ongoing pattern will eventually be represented by a Guy Fawkes mask.

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Much has been made of late on NPR concerning the Zika virus. What’s been flying under the radar, however, are the genetically modified mosquitoes Brazil has set aloft to combat both Zika and dengue in that country. If this seems familiar it may be because we’ve previously noted Monsanto’s ongoing Florida trials with same.

GMO humans are right off; GMO everything else? Not so much…

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Take monkeys, for example. One scientist claims he has transplanted a monkey head. Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero plans on transplanting a human head next. 3

We’re fine with it if the volunteers involved are Hot Mess and Dumpster Fire.

Lees and Orts

Best headline on the Palin endorsement: Hot Mess Endorses Dumpster Fire.

The lack of irony of this particular political pas de deux should be noted.

In fact one might posit that irony, much like privacy, is dead and buried in America, an unfired gun in its cold, cold hands.

Lees and Orts

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  1. As part of old home day – Chris Packham is still writing terse movie reviews for the Village Voice. And, we assume, still battling the rats.
  2. This became such an obvious joke that we started using the phrase polonium filled pirozhkis or polonium filled potato back in 2007.
  3. No worries: GMO not a factor.

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