We spent absolutely no time, zero, nada, rien, over the holidays perusing the 2016 idiocy that is the GOP Clown Bus®, on the assumption that if one of the ReThug jackanapes uttered something wonderful, it would eventually catch our attention.

However nothing overtly untoward 1 occurred during The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

But yesterday ¡JEB! 2 comes forth with a sally that defies belief.

When asked about the decline on NewsMax Now Friday, Bush said, “Hell if I know, I don’t really care.”


“It’s a really interesting process and the more I get in front of people and express my conservative views, and the proven record I have, and the detail plans I have I seem to be doing better,” he added.

If by “I seem to be doing better” ¡JEB! means -1 favorability rating, then ¡YES!, he’s doing quite well.

I swear ¡JEB! must blow more weed than we do. 3 4 5


Show 5 footnotes

  1. We mean besides The Donald…
  2. The smart one, we remind you.
  3. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  4. George The Elder must be wroth; the eldest scion to the Bush dynasty seems intent on throwing it all away…wait – not intent, more out of indifference: “Hell if I know, I don’t really care.” That has to gall.
  5. The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from ¡JEB!’s actions is that he doesn’t want to be president. Which makes him the only Bush I would ever support. Well, that and his penchant for attending Zappa concerts in his youth.

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