Hello, Huck

We noted elsewhere on the innernetz that due to our listening to only satellite radio we had not heard the bubble-gum/teenybopper/emo mega-hit “Hello.” And that is still technically true, as we just busted our cherry on Mike Huckabee’s version below: 1 2

What a hoot. 3

Hello, Huck

Show 3 footnotes

  1. So this Adele person, whom we were given to understand is foreign, is pimping out her mega-hit for Huckabee? Is she a god-botherer as well? Od Huckabee’s campaign just abscond with the tune?
  2. No matter the response to the previous queries, Huckabee’s campaign should know that there is no replicating Sanders’ “America” ad.
  3. Seriously, Huckabee is still running? Why?

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