Useless Prayers

Shortly after San Bernardino the ReThugs offered up their useless thoughts and prayers.

Which is another way of saying they’re willing to do absolutely nothing.

I just had the Charles manse scoured of every beautiful sweet maple, oak and dogwood leaf littering the lawn. Surprisingly my service wasn’t willing to accept my prayers as a valid form of remuneration and flat-out scoffed at my thoughts.

How do the ReThugs get away with it?

Well, it’s the fucking money, isn’t it?

And the cash starts with the gun manufacturers; they fund the NRA to an obscene degree. And the NRA of course uses that cash to buy off every congress critter it can. And the bought off whores in Congress do what they can to forestall new gun regulations, weaken existing regulations, and offer up their thoughts and prayers. Innumerable times.

And the big wheel of death keeps on turnin’.

Useless Prayers

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