Cybersecurity Act of 2015

Have you seen this? Specifically starting on page 1728, where the fucking rat bastards in Congress snuck in a rider for CISA, a bill they could not pass during the light of day, now rebranded the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

And folks this piece of shit is far more dangerous than CISA: private citizens (that’s us, in case you’re wondering) will no longer have a right of action when companies mishandle (inadvertently or deliberately) your PII data; the president can authorize any agency to receive your PII data directly, bypassing the risible quality controls proposed in previous version of CISA; it allows “cybersecurity threat” information to be shared directly with the NSA and DoD; specifically removes a provision that banned the government from using the information for “surveillance” activities; does not require personal information unrelated to “cyber threats” to be scrubbed before it’s shared with government agencies; allows the government to use the information it gleans to prosecute any type of criminal activity, not just “cyber” crimes.

voteIt is difficult to tell who introduced the Cybersecurity Act into the omnibus bill to begin with, but it appears 4 (Democratic) Representatives made an attempt to strike it. Their effort failed, of course, when 9 opposing (Republican) Representatives voted to retain it.

Motion by Mr. McGovern to make in order and give the necessary waivers for an amendment to the omnibus that would strike Division N—the Cybersecurity Act of 2015. Defeated: 2–9

What we have here is a law far worse than anything previously proposed, a law that nearly a million people and all the pertinent Silicon Valleys stalwarts (Apple, Yelp, Twitter, Reddit, Google, and Facebook) opposed because A.) its lack of privacy protections and B.) the fact the law will not accomplish anything toward fending off e-vil. What it WILL do is allow the US Government unfettered access to all of its citizen electronic communications.

And we’re fucked; this rider is attached to the omnibus spending bill, wich will pass both Houses and will be signed by the president. So much for the last vestiges of our privacy. 1

Wake up, people.

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  1. The only little bit of good news so far is that the ReThugs failed at killing the latest FCC Net Neutrality regs; they attempted to add a ‘poison pill’ rider to the omnibus and, according to this overview, were summarily defeated.

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