Backdoor Encryption

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Backdoor Encryption

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So President Obama addressed the nation/world last evening. Following the lead of last Friday’s New York Times front page condemnation of America’s feckless love of guns, he spoke from the Oval Office. The topic, of course, was terrorism.

We want to address just a specific portion of his address; it was a tiny mention with huge ramifications:

I will urge high tech and law enforcement leaders to make it harder to use technology to escape from justice.

Seems harmless enough, right?

Until you realize he was talking about encryption, specifically once again noodging Silicon Valley toward giving the government the key to the crypto kingdom. You know: the universal, one-size-fits-all encryption algorithm that will allow Fred the Friendly Fed to decrypt every encryption scheme. Never mind the idea is impossible; it is not feasible to create any encryption scheme with a universal backdoor that doesn’t also simultaneously screw the security for everyone. It just can’t be done.

Moreover, as we recently noted, the e-vil-doers are pretty much planning everything out in the open. And when encryption is utilized, the intelligence community gleefully state the e-vil doers hose up, leaving little Hansel and Gretel cookies for authorities to track.

Finally, how this would thwart the machinations of a husband and wife setting around their Raytown dining room planning a surprise assault on Two Rivers Hospital is beyond even our ken…

Backdoor Encryption

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