In Recent Benghazi News…

Don’t ask why but we woke this morning wondering about Benghazi.

Yes, we are aware that nasty bit of business occurred over three years ago. 1 But there is still a loose end no one’s mentioning: Ahmed Abu Khatalluh.

Who is he? Well you should ask; Ahmed Abu Khatalluh was the (alleged) leader of the Benghazi attack. In June of 2014 the D-Boys out of Bragg snatched Khatalluh up and renditioned his ass. That is to say he taken to a secure, undisclosed location. 2 And since then there’s not been a word from or about Khatalluh.

This is passing strange, in our opinion, especially since (then) US AG Eric Holder assured us Khatalluh would be tried in federal court.

So what…is DoJ still water-boarding questioning him? After all, Khatalluh was charged a full year ago. And his lawyer has formally asked for the case to be dismissed. There have been no further motions presented by either side since.

Why doesn’t the US Government present its case in an open court, as required by our laws, so we can show the world that we are capable of dealing with ‘terrorists’ transparently? Let’s bring Khatalluh to justice, put an end to the speculation. What’s with the secrecy? 3

Recent Benghazi News

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  1. And in case you’ve forgotten, the pertinent details are as follows: the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked and destroyed on September 11th, 2012. The attack claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.
  2. No, probably not the same one The Dark lord occupied back in the day; we’re reasonably sure that lil’ vipers nest has yet to be effectively fumigated.
  3. It’s not like we got the wrong guy, right? Right!?

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