Randomly Asked Questions

Really? A RAQ? Isn’t that a tad presumptuous?
Though a RAQ may not appear warranted we still receive most of our communications via e-mail, an artifact from the days when WNBTv refused comments. A number of those missives turn out to be duplicative so we thought – what the hell?

Like what?
The most commonly asked questions concern anonymity, employment, Chi Chis restaurant, porn and Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III….

Yeah, what’s with the anonymity?
Well…anonymity is humanity’s most common ground. It exists at the core of everyone; it’s why you will never truly know any other individual. Heidegger talks about this in terms of ‘nothing’ (the world) and any human act that creates the world in a specific way, before the experience of “I”. Much like initially rousing from sleep before the ego has had a chance to reassert itself, or dropping a couple of Orange Barrel tabs: it’s the condition Eddie Jessup sought (before he melted his body n’ shit.) It seems to be my natural state.

So, yeah – anonymity.

Then there’s my work…and the cameras. Don’t forget the cameras.

About that…do you really work for the Feds?
Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III asked that a lot. Seems he found me too laid back for a Fed. But yes – I work for the Feds, have done for going on 26 years. 1 With any luck I will continue to toil within government until Asta Jr. heads off to college, Katmandu or whatever self-knowledge seeking trek is all the rage upon her matriculation from Le Rosey.

What’s with the quasi-Thin Man theme?
Why not? Nora is seriously wealthy (or her pater is, which amounts to the same thing as he has in my experience been unable to deny her a single whim) and the girls have double the energy of any wire fox terrier. Besides, I miss smoking and imbibing to excess.

About Chi Chis…
I made a promise not to divulge any more information about the restaurant than I already have. I will say Chi Chis is mythic.

Didn’t you write a bunch of porn?
I wouldn’t classify it necessarily as porn, but the settings and language used in some pieces was graphic enough I’ve since collected the writings and will post them behind a virtual green door elsewhere on the site. Future like items will exist there as well.

What the fuck is OMP?
It stands for Our Manchurian President, which is just too ungainly to write out every single time. (Ed’s Note: We’ve since moved on to using The Generalissimo or simply the president*.)

You used to be funny: what happened?
Fuck off.

About your Terms of Service page – what in the hell is an unreliable narrator?
Funny you should ask

Wait! Does that mean all of this is…lies?
Not necessarily.

Eiron? WTF?
Eiron is the patron saint of WNBTv.

Hey, I don’t fuckin’ speak French – what’s mystique de la merde?
It’s sorta our idée fixee, perhaps even our raison d’être.


This page will be updated totally at random. If this doesn’t seem to suffice, send in your question

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  1. And right here is a good point to pause and say that anything, and I mean anything, I write within the confines of the site has to do with my opinion(s) ONLY, and does not in any way shape or form constitute or otherwise represent the opinion of the Federal government or any of its officers and employees.