One Million Cash

If you’re like us you often find yourself in a foreign country hauling around a ton of cash, usually in an old OD duffle bag, sometimes crammed to overflowing in a garden variety backpack. Neither option is optimal, but what are you going to do?

Say hello to the 1M Hauly.

In many countries project expenses and payroll for the local crew need to be carried in cash. Whether you’re managing a team of thirty working for months at the edge of the grid, or on a solo trip to negotiate a significant cash transaction, the 1M Hauly is designed for discreet, safe carry of up to $1 Million USD in strapped, new or used $100 USD banknotes.

Designed to address the six main issues with carrying significant volume banknotes in field: risk of discovery; risk of damage (especially in high-humidity, monsoon environments); container robustness; carryability; glide; and in-field accounting.

We’ve used these in field, from dense urban environments to the Horn of Africa.

The 1M Hauly will comfortably fit US$1 Million (20.4lb) in used US $100 banknotes. A robust haul loop is sized to fit a large gloved hand and can accommodate carabiners and other attachments if hands-free movement is required.

They also offer an audit kit and money pouches that will safely transport anywhere from $10K to $400K. Our personal favorite is the 1Mil Hauly Heist, a Faraday cage designed to shroud the 1Mil Hauly.

Every narco-courier traveler should own one.

One Million Cash

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