Marvin Lyman: The Dénouement

Sent: ‎11/‎12/‎2015 5:25 PM
Subject: Comments RE AL Board

12 November 2015

Mr. Lyman,

We will post an item regarding the outcome(s) of your speech to the
A.L. PTSO this past September and the subsequent board meeting this past
Monday. To that end we wondered…

  • Would you care to comment on Mr. Zeller’s decision to step down from the
    AL board?
  • Would you care to comment on Mr. Cozad’s decision to step down from the AL
  • And most importantly would you care to comment on your decision to not
    step from the AL board, but to only cede your current office? Would you
    also care to comment directly on the comments you gave to the AL PTSO
    meeting this past September?
  • Other thoughts you might like to share?
    Thanks in advance for your time.


On 11/12/2015 8:13 PM, Marvin Lyman wrote:

Thank you for contacting me. I am available to meet with you provided we can agree on a date and time.

Thank you.

On 11/13/2015 5:19 AM, Nick wrote:
13 November 2015

Mr. Lyman,

Thank you for the offer, however past experience teaches that email is in everyone’s best interest: there can be no disagreement of what was asked and answered with an electronic trail. Moreover I find that email allows the subject of an interview the luxury of time, which in nearly all cases results in more nuanced, in-depth responses. Finally, email tends to remove emotions surrounding an issue, which leads to clarity.

I look forward to your responses.


On 11/18/2015 5:38 PM, Nick wrote:
18 November 2015

Mr. Lyman,

Have you perhaps had time to respond to our queries?



…and there the communication ends.

It seems obvious Lyman has declined to comment on his presentation at A.L.’s PTSO September meeting; the better part of cowardice being silence, and all that.

This could be because Mayor James’ people ordered him to keep his runaway mouth shut (Lyman’s LinkedIn profile still shows him as the Treasurer for the Sly James for Mayor Campaign 1) Or it could be because Lyman realizes he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, that his comments at the September A.L. PTSO meeting were, and remain, indefensible. And that decision – since he has clearly decided he needs 2 to remain on the A.L. board – is not only short-sighted, self-serving and stupid, it’s harmful;  the other A.L board directors will remember Lyman’s behavior and soon come to resent his continued presence. If they don’t already.

The honorable, adult action would be for Lyman to immediately resign from the A.L. board, after first apologizing for his public rant. The only remaining question is whether Lyman is capable of owning up to his error in judgment and doing what’s best for Academie Lafayette.

Marvin Lyman: The Dénouement

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  1. Not to mention the Vice Chair of the Académie Lafayette French Immersion Charter School (board of directors), said position he resigned last month. But…hey! We understand, he’s super busy!  We’re sure he’ll update that LinkedIn profile maybe after the holidays, right? Right? Explain why he stepped down from the Vice Chair position. Right?
  2. You decide as to Lyman’s motives; in Japan he would have resigned the next day, perhaps even committed seppuku. However, like Bishop Finn, Lyman doesn’t appear to believe he’s put a foot wrong. Oh, vanity…

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