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Remember The Worst Person in the World, Martin Shkreli?

Well all the publicity for his heinous act had a cost: a quarterly los of $14.6 million.

Couldn’t happen to a bigger prick.

Lees and Orts

Only for Star Wars nerds, but it is a must: the 5-day forecast for Alderaan.

Lees and Orts

We believe we’ve mentioned that we’ve taken a number of free, online encryption course from Stanford, via Coursera, n’est-ce pas? As fine an offering as Coursera is, we’ve been blown away by M.I.T.’s entry into his area, OpenCourseWare. The tech university has put all of their courses online, free. It’s pretty amazing stuff – we’re working our way through their course on quantum computation this fall (admittedly at a snail’s pace) and highly recommend it.

If hard sciences isn’t your thing, run over to The Open Education Consortium and cherry-pick a university. Or try the same at edX.

Lees and Orts

One of the nasty undercurrents in politics of late is the persistent whisper stream concerning gerrymandering and rigged elections. The Democrats are going to have to make sure all elections are cleanly run, even if that means independent monitors watching paper ballots hand counted right after the polls close.

We see, again, the nightmare scenario I’ve warned about for so many years: a U.S. election where all of the pre-election polls suggest Candidate X is set to win, but Candidate Y ends up winning by a huge margin instead and nobody even bothers to verify that the computer tabulated results accurately reflect the intent of the voters.

So far over 13,000 Kentuckians have signed a petition to force a public hand count of that election.

If all this sounds familiar it’s because Kansas appears to be pulling the same wool over its citizens’ eyes. Kansas Secretary of State Kobach is hard at work disenfranchising any person who might possibly vote a straight-line democratic ticket. All the while denying any wrongdoing, of course, and certifying individuals just a hair’s breath away from having to appear in court. Though to court it appears the lad will go.

All part and parcel of the systemic ReThug effort to impose their will on Americans, no matter the actual vote.

Lees and Orts

Jebus Fucking Ke-rist: it’s a tossup who’s more mental – Da Coif…:

By Thursday a religious test for refugees had become a religious test for all Americans for one Republican candidate, with Trump telling reporters he would “absolutely” implement a database of American Muslims and unspecified other measures.

“I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,” Trump told NBC between town hall appearances in Iowa. “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases,” he added. “We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it.”

Asked whether there would be a sign-up at mosques, Trump said: “Different places.”

“You sign them up at different places. It’s all about management.”

Asked how the practice of registering Muslims would be different from registering Jews in Nazi Germany, Trump said: “You tell me.”

…or Dr. StabsALot:

Ben Carson on Thursday compared safeguarding Americans from Islamic terrorists who may sneak into the country as refugees to parents protecting their children from rabid dogs.

“If there’s a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog,” Carson said during a campaign stop in Alabama. “And you’re probably going to put your children out of the way. That doesn’t mean that you hate all dogs.”

He added, “But you’re going to put your intellect into motion and you’re thinking, ‘How do I protect my children at the same time? … I’m going to call the humane society and hopefully they can come and take this dog away and create a safe environment once again.’”

Lees and Orts

As usual Colbert nails the Rethugs dead to rights…

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