GOP Debates

ad hominem attack!Have you been watching the GOP debates?

Here at the Charles manse we have Google store them in the cloud then view them at our leisure.

And we must say – they’ve been highly entertaining. As well as instructive; we’ve not heard so many logical fallacies since 7th grade debate club. And now that FOX has demoted a couple of the presidential wannabes to the kids’ table 1 (as well as totally disinvited a couple of “lesser” candidates) we expect that trend to only increase. Consequently we have turned the GOP debates into teaching moments: we printed out 4 complete sets of these logical fallacy ref cards and distribute them to the family before watching. Points are awarded to the first player to correctly identify each case. 2 The person with the most points at the end of the replay wins a special treat before retiring for the evening. 3

The adult only version of the game is played in reverse – the player who incorrectly identifies a logical fallacy must knock back a shot (of name your poison here.)

Either version can, of course, also be employed during the Democratic debates. Though isn’t there only the one remaining?

GOP Debates

Show 3 footnotes

  1. One of those is Christie, so, as the saying goes: you’re gonna need a bigger table!
  2. Though since The Donald gets flagged for this one so often that even Asta Jr. can spot it, those points are awarded equally to each player…nearly every time The Coif speaks.
  3. So far it’s been sweets; both Astas have handily bested Nora and myself. They claim listening to us ‘discuss’ household finances more than adequately prepared them.

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