Académie Lafayette: Marvin Lyman Redux

Académie Lafayette board member Marvin Lyman gave up his vice-president position this past Monday evening during a closed session of the AL board of directors, though he stopped short of removing himself entirely from the board.

Sources say that during that same closed session past president Dave Cozad and past vice-president Mike Zeller both stepped down from the board proper.

In addition the AL board formally responded to the AL PTSO’s letter submitted at the October board meeting.

WNBTv has contacted relevant board members for comment and will publish an update tomorrow.

13 November 2015, 4:30 PM UPDATE:

The AL Board of directors just sent the below:

From the Board of directors

Changes to our Board of Directors

Dear Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some changes to our Board of Directors.

First, two of our most dedicated board members, Mike Zeller and Dave Cozad, have decided to step down.  Collectively, they have served on our Board of Directors for 21 years.  Both served on the Executive Team, with Dave as Board President for 6 years and Mike as Vice President for 5.

Their tenure and dedication to Académie Lafayette has been remarkable. Mike joined the board in 2003 as the school was preparing to move from its temporary home in the temple to the J. C. Nichols building on Oak. Mike worked with other parents and board volunteers to make the school ready. Dave joined the board in 2006 after serving as a volunteer in the library.

Dave and Mike believed strongly that the charter school’s increasing stability and academic success came with the responsibility to share it with more children and families. One of their first actions as a leadership team was to expand the kindergarten intake from 80 to 120 students. As expected, this set into motion a multi-year search for more space, first at the Oak campus, then to a temporary location at Broadway United Methodist Church. They led the search and then negotiations with KCPS for the Cherry Campus. They joined legions of other AL parents and board volunteers in gardening, cleaning and painting it.

When the school needed new leadership, Dave flew to Oregon to meet with Mr. Mbengue and his colleagues before recommending the Board make what they both describe as the excellent decision to recruit him to Kansas City. In partnership with Mr. Mbengue and Heather Royce, they led a 25-person team of teachers, parents and board members to create the school’s present strategic plan. Its core tenants include the expansion of the Cherry Campus, efforts to increase diversity, introduction of the Middle-Years IB program and Spanish or Mandarin at the sixth grade, upgrades to Oak, planning for a high school, and the eventual exploration of another K-8 immersion program. Mike wrote the initial fruit-cart grant and the Kauffman Foundation grant that secured funds for high school planning.

They have also been active in our Capital Campaign. Everywhere you look you will see their fingerprints.

Both Mike and Dave are visionaries who have relentlessly pushed the boundaries on what others thought possible, most recently with the expansion of our program into a K-12 school.

It is impossible to thank them enough for their vision, dedication and years of service to the Académie Lafayette community.

Please join me in wishing Dave and Mike continued success as they move forward in their new endeavors.

Lastly, Marvin Lyman has stepped down as Vice President of the Board but will remain as a director on the board.

Thank you for your continued support.





Chad Phillips, President
Académie Lafayette Board of Directors

Académie Lafayette: Marvin Lyman Redux

WNBTv has heard back from a PTSO member regarding last Monday’s board meeting, as well as a Director, though at this time we’ve received nothing for publication.
Académie Lafayette: Marvin Lyman Redux

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding, right? Lyman ranted like the worst reverse-southern Klansman at that meeting and all that’s happening is he’s leaving a vice-chair position? Tell you what, AL is headed down that slippery slope from which there is no return.

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