Royals vs Astros: Game 4

Astros Royals 2015 ALDSPlayed 18 at Shoal Creek yesterday. 1

After the round I had a quick beer with the guys then headed south of the river. I fired up the AM as I caught the southbound ramp on I-435 just as the Royals’ half of the 8th began. And then proceeded to chase down the highway at 85-90 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic as our Boys in Blue fortunes did an abrupt 180.

I made the manse in record time and sat listening in the car until the last out of the 8th, even though there was a perfectly good 60″ LED set less than 50 feet away.

Holy shit, guys! What a comeback…

Royals vs Astros: Game 4

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  1. Shot an 85, thanks.

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