Royals vs Astros: Game 1

Astros Royals 2015 ALDS
Well, so far pretty much as we feared: the Royals were thoroughly average last night. Maybe in their hearts they were so disappointed in not facing the Yankees they just couldn’t take an interest in the Astros. They sure played like it.

Our Boys in Blue had better find the hunger that informed last season’s play or all too soon they’ll find themselves down 0-2 and facing Dallas Keuchel at Minute Maid Park. 1 Not a happy thought.

After that? A miserable autumn of the networks stuffing NBA and Chiefs games down our throats, miniscule relief coming only in the form of college football. It simply doesn’t bear thinking about.

C’mon, Royals: don’t be the team that dooms us to NBA and Chiefs games. Be the other team, the one that knows how to win.

Royals vs Astros: Game 1

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  1. Jebus H. Kerist – Minute Maid Park? What sort of piece of shit name is that for a baseball field? Jebus H. Kerist…

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