ReThug Extremism

Caught this over at the Boston Globe last night –

With John Boehner out, the worst is yet to come
By Michael A. Cohen SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

The single most important political story of the last six years has been the increasing extremism of the Republican Party.

If you’ve watched a Republican presidential debate you understand what I’m referring to. But the radicalism of the GOP extends to every level of American government — from the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, who recently called for the creation of a public database to shame welfare recipients, to the halls of Congress, where super-conservative John Boehner was felled last week because he wasn’t super-conservative enough.

It struck us wrong; something was off.

Then it hit us: the lede should have read The single most important political story of the last generation

Which ought to lead to the obvious corollary: the second most important political story of the last generation has been MSM’s abject refusal to honestly report on the above story.

Perhaps the Globe could put a reporter on that? 1
ReThug Extremism

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  1. But, you know, only if they truly want an answer as to why they’re shirking their jobs; that sort of self examination can be extremely uncomfortable. Ask the Star.

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