No Candy for You

If you know anything about the Yakuza, you know the following:

  • the Yakuza, like, invented the sleeve tattoo;
  • the neighborhoods where Yakuza live are usually very safe;
  • the Yakuza encourage children to come “hold them up” for cash every Halloween.

Except this year there will be no gleeful extortion. A sign has been posted in front of the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters (Kobe) 1 spelling out this year’s lack of trick or treating:

Every year on October 31st, as per custom, we have held a Halloween [event] 2 , but this year, due to various circumstances, the event has been called off. We realize this is causing great regret to those parents and children who looked forward to this, but next year we absolutely will hold the event, so please look forward to it. In great haste, we humbly inform you of this.

The 6th Generation Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters.

The kids will miss the annual event; they receive fistfuls of candy and o-toshi-dama from the businessmen, o-toshi-dama essentially being envelopes full of cash.

The reason for the cancellation? As you might expect – business.

No Candy for You

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Apparently where the Yakuza hang, unlike Batman or Superman or even Godzilla, is an open secret.
  2. The Japanese really get into the holiday, with masks and costumes that leave American fare far behind.

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