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It has finally begun to feel autumnal, with daytime highs in the mid 50s and overnight lows scratching the 30s, so obviously global warming doesn’t exist. Or at least it doesn’t exist here in the Midwest (or the chambers of Congress where members keep showing up with snowballs) but we’ll tell you right now – the Middle East is fucked.

Those pesky scientists 1 released a new study yesterday subtly entitled Future temperature in southwest Asia projected to exceed a threshold for human adaptability, wherein they posit that by the turn of the century the region will be inundated by severe waves of heat and humidity sufficient to kill people who spend a few hours outdoors.

The women will undoubtedly die first, swaddled as they are in their burqas/chadris/paranjas, allowing the men a prolonged period of silence in which to meditate upon their wisdom.

Lees and Orts

Elsewhere a chocolate Lab named Trigger shot its owner in the foot when she laid down her fowling piece.

Authorities have tentatively ruled the shooting accidental contingent upon Dick Cheney’s whereabouts at the time of the incident.

Lees and Orts

We mentioned last month that Exxon suspected back in the early 80s, then confirmed with in-depth climate models, that continued use of their product would bring about global warming. The Los Angeles Times recently followed up on the original reporting with some user-friendly graphics and photos; more tellingly Washington Monthly has called for Exxon to be prosecuted:

A fossil fuel company intentionally and knowingly obfuscating research into climate change constitutes criminal negligence and malicious intent at best, and a crime against humanity at worst. The Department of Justice has a moral obligation to prosecute Exxon and its co-conspirators accordingly. 2

Won’t happen, of course – DoJ hasn’t performed a moral act in our  lifetime. Moreover, prosecution would cause every Congressional ReThug head to literally explode. 3 Right after they shut down the government. 4

Lees and Orts

Finally, and sadly 5, the card catalogue is finally dead.

These little beauties have been quietly disappearing from libraries for over a decade.
But now it’s official – the library cooperative that produced catalog cards has officially called it quits.

DUBLIN, Ohio, October 1, 2015—OCLC printed its last library catalog cards today, officially closing the book on what was once a familiar resource for generations of information seekers who now use computer catalogs and online search engines to access library collections around the world.

This final print run marked the end of a service that has steadily decreased over the past few decades as libraries have moved their catalogs online.

The advent of computerization made this inevitable.

We suppose some libraries, those who due to fiscally ‘conservative’ (usually) ReThugs on local boards have cut or halted funding to purchase new books 6 and never even considered bankrolling computerization, will happily trundle on with their lovely card catalogues. But most libraries, those that haven’t already done so, will warehouse them, perhaps even put them up for sale.

And in half a generation most Americans will have forgotten them entirely.

Until the innernetz goes.

Lees and Orts

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  1. Yes, them; the little bastards who screw up everythin’ Right With Amurica.
  2. Not to mention Sanders trying to browbeat DoJ into doing the right thing.
  3. Which would not be a bad thing.
  4. Which they may well do again in December. Because…it worked so well the last time.
  5. Perhaps it’s just us?
  6. Usually in response to a sane librarian refusing to pull material from the shelves because it does not meet with the extortionist’s ReThug’s views on most anything.

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