Jays vs. Royals: ALCS Game 3

2015 ALCS

So…will power make the difference tonight?

You wouldn’t think so…however the Jays play in a hermetically sealed terrarium, where it is rumored their routinely staff drop both air pressure and oxygen in order to get the ball to travel further in what is already a 3 & 2 dimensioned park:

Zone Kauffman Stadium MLB average Rogers Centre
Left 330 feet 329 feet 328 feet
Left Center 387 feet 371 feet 375 feet
Center 410 feet 404 feet 400 feet
Right Center 387 feet 372 feet 375 feet
Right 330 feet 332 feet 328 feet

Of course, if Cueto does his job, no worries. Right?

Jays vs. Royals: ALCS Game 3

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