Vacation Getaway

Since the recent Amazon bad publicity more and more employees have been willing to talk about the ubiquity of on the job mistreatment. So much so that it’s obvious the future workplace is headed in a nasty direction: 1 witness the number of states that already have some form of “right to work” laws on the books.

Of course there are those who use work as an escape from reality (“I’m too busy to worry about that”) or a  denial of reality, while simultaneously obsessing over the trivial – it takes all kinds, we guess.

However, not us; we very definitely work to live.

Fortunate for us then the ReThugs, in yet another vainglorious attempt at…well, nothing…have plans to give us another paid two week vacation. Yeehaw!

Since we know the ‘murican public love to tell Federal workers what to do, how ’bout you leave us a comment suggesting how we spend our upcoming leisure time?

After all, it’s your money financing it.

The Second 2015 GOP Debate

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  1. Good luck with that, Millennials!

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