The Second 2015 GOP Debate

Last evening, while the Astas talked smack at each other 1 by the sterile LED light irradiating the great room, I holed up in the office and perused yet another Trump-related article, this one in Commentary:

Citing not just the popularity of Corbyn but the rise of Donald Trump and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders in America, as well as unfolding events in Greece and France, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair argues, “There is a politics of parallel reality going on, in which reason is an irritation, evidence a distraction, emotional impact is king and the only thing that counts is feeling good about it all…”

“The explanation for this parallel reality is something to do with people feeling empowered by their ability through it, to “fight back” against “the system”, the traditional ways of thinking about politics with all its compromises, hard decisions and gradual increments. It is the clarity of full-throated opposition versus the chin-stroking nuance of: “What would we do if we were in government?” It’s a revolution but within a hermetically sealed bubble…”

“Because it is a vast wave of feeling against the unfairness of globalisation, against elites, against the humdrum navigation of decision-making in an imperfect world, it persuades itself that it has a monopoly on authenticity. They’re “telling it like it is”, when, of course, they’re telling it like it isn’t.

Tony would have a fair point…if he didn’t still believe illegally invading, occupying and destroying Iraq was the right thing to do: talk about living within a hermetically sealed bubble!

However that is just the cost of being on the outs with power: The Donald counts more now than anything Tony might have to say, no matter how correct or well spoken.

2016 will be the Trump election.

And that regardless of whether The Donald becomes the ReThug nominee or not. The Donald and his 14 remaining handmaids have remade the GOP primary into a reality show; the only thing missing during this past Wednesday’s CNN debates in Cali was the scrolling text number for the at-home Tribal Council to vote on who was next to leave the island. 2

The Idiocracy devolution of the ReThug primary fight was, of course, brought on by themselves: Roberts and the Supremes’ 2010 Citizens United decision set up the funding for this series, as well as all the inevitable sequels. That’s directly down to Bush the Elder for stuffing The Supremes with enough jackals to steal an election for Bush the Lesser, who immediately strengthened his hand by adding Roberts. Thus the stage was populated by religious zealots intent only on stuffing thier Super PACs with cash (Cruz, Huckabee Jindal and Santorum), the self-righteously belligerent (Graham and Paul), the quietly insane (Carson) and the hopelessly lost (Rubio, 3 Walker and that weird guy from Ohio).

Among such candidates Carly “Scissorhands” Fiorina, 4 and Trump 5 stride like giants, with Jeb the Afterthought trailing quietly behind. 6

Thor help us. 7

The Second 2015 GOP Debate

Show 7 footnotes

  1. Asta, being the oldest and the most conventional, is a ‘homer’: Chiefs fan by obligation; Asta Jr., mostly just to piss off Asta, is a Broncos fan… Man, the years of this crap I have left. Le sigh
  2. Poor Rick Perry; and those glasses made him look so smart!
  3. Seriously? Did you catch Rubio say “America is not a planet“? WTF!?!?! This is a presidential material? I wouldn’t let him use a butter knife…
  4. Mark these words: Fiorina is the new Dick Cheney: much of what Fiorina said Wednesday evening was outright lies, some so outrageous there was no need to fact-check them. But she obviously took to heart the lessons of The Dark Lord: exude sufficient gravitas and the lemmings will believe you even if you are spouting nonsense.
  5. How about this for a Trump/Fiorina ticket: Let’s Bankrupt America Twice!
  6. Did everyone else hear what we did, that Jeb would put the visage of Margret Thatcher on our currency? WTF, dude? We’re thinkin’ ol Jeb’s baked half the time.
  7. Though I actually think a Sanders/Trump race could be both entertaining and perhaps the most decisive moment in America’s modern history, what I’m afraid we’ll get is yet another Bush/Clinton division of spoils agreement.

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