Lees and Orts

This past Saturday a reporter named Glenn E. Rice published what is easily the most important news item to grace the Star’s pages in over a year. His article documented the patently illegal surveillance technology in use by the KCPD since 2011, specifically Stingray technology. And like all important writings, it begged more questions than it answered:

  • Why is this info just being made locally public? The use of the device has been in the public domain forever; even this poor outlet posted info on other America’s cities’ use of the technology last year.
  • Since when does a private corporation’s NDA override the public’s right to know?
  • If this thing is so effective why aren’t the local murder/crime stats lower?
  • Uh…you DO know this violates the 4th Amendment, right?

…and other questions no one in this town can be bothered to ask.

Lees and Orts

News From Canada!

Jerry Bance, a Torrie candidate for a Toronto area office, stepped down from that slate after it was revealed that in his day job as a service technician he peed in a homeowner’s coffee cup, then poured it down their kitchen sink.

Bance urinated in the homeowner’s sink back in 2012 and was unlucky(?) enough to be caught on video-tape by the TV show Marketplace. 1 He was called to the home as part of a sting operation to confront repairmen for overcharging homeowners for simple repairs. Talk about pissing your career away…

As a reminder to Kansas Citians, almost any politician left alone in your kitchen will piss in your sink.

And Michael Brooks might do a whole lot worse.

Lees and Orts

Meanwhile down in horse country…Salon posts a puff piece asserting that egregiously stupid H. monastic Kim Davis is about to get filthy rich. You know, ’cause she’s now a “martyr”?

We think no, uh-uh, not gonna happen.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Kim Davis is…je ne sais quoi; ‘ow you say…horsey?

Okay okay okay. We’re sure she’s very attractive to her husband, family and friends. But from an objective, pull-no-punches standpoint? She’s butt ugly. And butt ugly doesn’t get rich through celebrity. Which is why you don’t normally see butt ugly people anchoring your newscasts, or hosting Wheel of Fortune, or even selling you crap. 2 on teh TV.

Then there’s the regrettable fact that Kim Davis can’t speak for shit. And while we sympathize (we are the worst public speaker one can imagine…short of Kim Davis), not being able to entertain an audience, or at least hold their attention, is no way to celebrity. What Kim Davis is is plain and, frankly, boring. While her beliefs may hold sway over other H. monastic, those of us born without a God Spot find her dull and vapid – she certainly has nothing new to say on a subject that has already been tirelessly and mind-numbingly repeated over the centuries.

Moreover, she’s in jail. It’s hard to become famous while hidden away from the news media. And from what we can tell she hasn’t reached out to the media. Instead –when she wasn’t in jail — she went and hid in her office. That’s an act of fear, not of one who seeking the limelight.

Finally, and we can’t stress this enough, Kim Davis is wrong; her personal beliefs do not override Federal,  State or even County authority, no matter how hard she wishes it so.

Kim Davis is simply a type; a stubborn country woman 3 who pushed things too far and can’t seem to stop what she started. So, no – she’s not going to get rich and famous from it. Because, you know, those marriage licenses down in Rowan County? They just keep flowing…

Lees and Orts

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Yes, there’s video available, but…ewwww.
  2. The noteworthy exception here being those fine folks who own businesses and harbor a great desire to send their butt ugly mugs into the ether: “Buuuuy NOW!”
  3. You are aware that Davis could walk out of jail any minute she choose, n’est-ce pas? But teh stoopid won’t let her.

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