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20 September 2015

Hey Nick,

Can you tell me if Erin Little is freaking preggars again? It’s not so obvious when she wears a dress but when shes in pants with a top you can really tell her belly is large. When she stands sideways her belly sticks out about as far as her breasts which is saying something. Thanks.


Jebus wept! What is it with you people?

Look, we had tacos with Joel Nichols in San Diego…once. But we don’t know nor have met any other local news/weather/sports/traffic reader, okay?

Moreover we turn on the boob tube at 4:48 AM to catch Teachman talking weather on KCTV (when Amble isn’t hogging all the screen time), then immediately flip off the idiot box; we don’t watch Little’s home station. So we’ve no idea whether she is even pregnant.

However…we can tell you a quick Google search puts Little’s age at 36 (which is ancient for women news/weather readers) so, all things being equal, she’s probably not with child: After all she’s pushing middle age, her hours are insanely stupid and we imagine her husband has to be at his wit’s end with a couple of young ones already underfoot as it is.

But who knows? An alternative is maybe Little’s paid too many visits to Waldo Pizza since they added a Lee’s Summit location.

Or…you’ve heard the old saying about the (video) camera adding ten pounds to your weight? It is true enough; perhaps that’s what you’re seeing.

P.S. – You know your question is both sexist and insensitive, right Fred? Do you hear people asking if Bryan Busby recently swallowed a basketball? No, you don’t. Take a hint, dude…
Fan Mail From Some Flounder

September 28th, 9:30 AM UPDATE: Call it the triumph of hope over experience, Hormones Gone Wild, or just nature’s impossible-to-ignore imperative, but KMBC posted a bit ago that Little is indeed pregnant with her third child. Congrats. 1 2 3

March 28th 2016, 8:00 AM UPDATE: Voilà tout – le bébé est ici!! Erin Little and family are the parents of a baby girl.

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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  1. Due date? Hmm…well, we’re certainly not privy to that info, but given Little’s had a couple of previous bairns (so she’s showing a tad earlier), we suspect…wait…3 + 6…minus 2…carry that weight: we anticipate Little will give birth sometime between Palm Friday and Easter.
  2. No, we’re NOT betting real money on that.
  3. And, yes, Fred – you should feel bad.

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