Bad Moon Rising

Sunday will be the fourth appearance of a blood moon over the last two years, in what is known as a tetrad series. The last time was in 1982; the next will be in 2033.

If some religious leaders are to be believed, none of us will live to enjoy that next blood moon. Most such leaders are of groups on the fringes of organized (sp) belief, although this week leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints felt moved to reassure those among its followers who are worried.

Irvin Baxter runs Endtime Ministries in Plano, Texas. He posts regular YouTube videos speculating over whether this series of blood moons could signal the end of the world.

“Some prophecy teachers are declaring boldly that this tetrad just ahead signals that something is getting ready to happen, which will change the world forever,” Baxter said on his website.

You will be able to see the blood moon in Kansas City its full glory tonight around 9:45 PM CDT. And despite certain prophecies, tonight’s eclipse does not signal the “end times.” 1 2

To warm you up for the event, here’s some CCR. Have fun.

Bad Moon Rising

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  1. Unless you’re John Boehner or a moderate Republican.
  2. We’ve always wondered why an omnipotent god has spent the last couple thousand years being incredibly vague and cryptic about when he was going to destroy the world. Why doesn’t “s/he” use something similar to the Emergency Broadcasting System? We’ve always believed it’s because there is no god, n’est-ce pas? Which means you have to go to work tomorrow.. Yeah, we know it sucks.

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