Donald Trump: Classy

The reader should be aware the below was not pulled from The Onion, nor was it intended as irony.

At least 12 voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire are absolutely gaga over real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann sat down Wednesday night with a focus group of 12 Trump supporters in the Granite State who riffed on why they thought the billionaire was the best candidate in a crowded GOP presidential field.

“He’s like one of us,” Janet, a former dog breeder, explained. “He may be a millionaire (sic), which separates him from everybody else. But besides the money issue, he’s still in tune with what everybody is wanting.” 1

Many also cited Trump’s vast wealth in identifying with him.

“I knew that he was a wealthy, successful man and I remember asking my mother if I could write him a letter to ask him how he made his money so that I could do it too,” Jessica, a data analyst, said.

Heilemann further asked the focus group what they believed a Trump presidency would look like.

“Classy,” 2 Cheryl, a real estate agent, answered confidently.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Interestingly enough this is not reflected on The Donald’s web site. That appears to be nothing but a paean to his ego. With a place to donate cash to his amorphous campaign.
  2. I was raised among folk who believed obnoxious tycoons to be both the salt of the earth and the epitome of style. Though I had thought their ilk extinct, occasional blips on the political radar keep proving me wrong: Perot and The Donald being just the most recent manifestations. Truly, some Americans would be happier with a monarchy.

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