2017 WorldCon

You’re not too late to attend this year’s WorldCon: it will be held in Spokane, WA, August 19-23. You can get details here.

Right about now you’re probably puzzling over why the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention picked a minor city in America’s Great Northwest to host their annual do. 1 2 3 Well, that’s because the membership votes on where to hold the convention two years in advance.

And in case you weren’t aware, it will be Kansas City’s turn next year. Mark your calendars – it’s always a fun event.

The most important work that gets done during the WorldCon is the Hugo selections. Herewith please find a abbreviated representation of this year’s finalists:

Best Novel (1827 nominating ballots)

Best Novella (1083 nominating ballots)

Best Novelette (1031 nominating ballots)

Best Short Story (1174 nominating ballots)

Happy reading…

2017 WorldCon

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Nope, it wasn’t because Bing Crosby attended university there. Though that would be a wonderful reason for the NCCO National Conference to be held in Spokane – they instead chose, Portland, OR. Guess glee club members are into craft beer.
  2. It’s also not because the WorldCon attendees have high hopes of drinking in a world class bucket-of-blood, Flaherty’s. That watering hole closed down shortly after the Fed’s Operation Doughboy cocaine investigation in the mid-90s. Kimmie moved over to the Satellite and has carried on in the Flaherty’s tradition ever since.
  3. Yes, it’s true George Bret’s company owned the Spokane Indians and he would therefor travel up to do business, often stopping in for lunch (clam chowder) at Flaherty’s. Yes, Brett was very fond of Thumper. No, he was never under suspicion during Operation Doughboy.

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