Twitter Party

Despite holding an office party with Twitter-branded beer pong tables and a sign in Greek- style lettering that read “Twitter Frat House,” Twitter’s male-dominated culture is nothing like that of an American college fraternity, says Twitter.

A spokesperson for Twitter confirmed that the company-funded frat party did take place, reportedly held for the alpha bros of the revenue team (naturally). But Prosser cleared up any confusion about whether or not Twitter was an actual fraternity, issuing a standard Silicon Valley apology.

There it is. Twitter is not a fraternity. It’s just a male-centric environment where dudes can play beer pong, do kegstands, and get in gender discrimination lawsuits.

For those of you not in the industry, “alpha bros of the revenue team” is code for “salesmen.” 1 Which is hilarious as I can’t figure out what Twitter might be selling to a ad-bocking community.

Tupperware, perhaps?

Twitter Party

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  1. Yes, this includes their ubiquitous bastard child, the “sales engineer.” This particular egregiously worthless lump of humanity knows nothing useful about the software he “supports” (much less is able to effectively assist you in debugging his company’s crap code) but will insist on taking up several hours of your time to tell you so.

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