The Bees of War

In a morbidly hilarious comment on our modern world, it may well be the honey bees aren’t simply “disappearing.” They instead might be undergoing (uncontrolled) genetic modification under the aegis of DARPA/DHS. You know, all in the service of the perpetual war on terror.

Pretty much just fuck Bush the Lessor for starting this nonsense and Obama for continuing it.

“Rather than being used simply as weapons of war, bees have become involved in the search for what is beyond the reach of human senses. The behavior and physiology of bees have become instrumental in extending the capacity of the human senses. Bees have become zoosensors. The deployment of bees, or what military scientists call ‘six-legged soldiers,’ has resulted in new and intimate relationships. Experts have inscribed economic and military designs into the honeybee’s nervous system, migration patterns, and community relations. There is a new bee managerialism. The capacities of bees for detection and intelligence gathering have been harnessed. As Homeland Security states, they are ‘deploying bees as efficient and effective homeland security detective devices.'”

The Bees of War

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