Sam Brownback: Coward

TOPEKA, Kan. — Gov. Sam Brownback doesn’t plan to be present when his administration outlines $50 million in spending cuts to help Kansas avert a budget deficit.

Brownback spokeswoman Eileen Hawley confirmed Tuesday that the Republican governor won’t be in his office. Budget director Shawn Sullivan will outline the cuts during a news conference planned for Friday.

Hawley declined to discuss the governor’s planned whereabouts.

The above tells you everything you need to know about Brownback’s lack of character.

Sam Brownback: Coward

3 Replies to “Sam Brownback: Coward”

  1. Brownback has done a number of cowardly things since taking office but this particular bit of effeminacy stands skirt and high heels above the rest.

    What a little bitch.

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