It’s worth noting that while America was bailing out banks & Wall St. houses deemed ‘too big to fail’ après 2008 fusion financière, Iceland just went ahead and jailed their fucking bankers. 1

Woo-hoo: go Iceland!

I don’t remember this all that well because, after all, it was seven years ago.

But my slowly disapparating memory thinks that Iceland’s policy was somewhat shocking to the rest of the world. Or maybe it was only shocking to the rest of the world’s bankers. I don’t rightly recall, but I do recall that no other country followed suit: they all played off.

Well, guess what? Iceland made the right call. The IMF recently announced that not only did Iceland’s economy recovery 2 but has become the first European nation that suffered heavy losses in the meltdown to “surpass its pre-crisis peak of economic output.”

In other words? Holding the jackasses accountable for such outright appalling fraud is both profitable and conscionable.

You paying attention, DoJ? …both profitable and conscionable.

Just a thought.


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  1. Not that any of you actually pressured your Senators/Representatives to push for similar action; instead you seemed to focus all your rage against the propping up of the auto industry…not that that was wrong, mind you; just a bit shortsighted.
  2. While also managing to maintain universal healthcare and education.

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