Brownback\’s Smarter Cousin

We noticed where Brownback, in his certain effort to become Brownbackistan’s most infamous Governor, doubled down on the stoopid the other day. This despite the opinion of real constitutional lawyers and even the bane of Brownback’s existence – Aimee Patton. 1

In fact Aimee recently took Brownback to task for his latest dabbling in the stoopid. So much so we’re sure Brownback is still in a snit.

All this hardly seems fair to your average Kansan. 2 If All Seeing Odin had been slightly more merciful he might have guided The Fates to allow Brownback’s (slightly) smarter cousin 3 to reign over Kansas instead of being lost in the backwater that is South Carolina.

See how the genteel Senator from the Gamecock state deals with a similar issue? Are you not awed?

It makes you want to do a straight up switch, doesn’t it? 4

Brownback's Smarter Cousin

Show 4 footnotes

  1. Granted…Matt Taibbli she’s not. However she can be very pointed. And if there’s one thing sure to drive Brownback into a snit, it is people being pointed about him. Go, Aimee!
  2. Who, despite all propaganda to the contrary, is no less human than your average Nebraskan, Iowan, Missourian or Arkansa…wait a minute; we don’t want to go too far with this.
  3. They’re related by teh stoopid.
  4. Okay, maybe not. But we have long warned that until H. Monastic deselects we’re going to have more and more of this behavior as that lineage slowly dies out. You might as well get used to it.

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