KCPS Goes Greenless

It appears that Dr. Green is leaving the good ship KCPS 1 :

R. Stephen Green, the superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, is expected to take over the top job for the DeKalb County School District, according to more than one person with knowledge of the search.

Green is currently in the middle of a five-year contract with Kansas City, which includes a three-year contract and two one-year extensions that would keep him there until June 2018. He started with the district in August 2011 as interim superintendent. He took the job permanently in 2012.

Here is Green’s official bio:

R. Stephen Green, Ed.D., was named superintendent of schools of Kansas City Public Schools by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors in April 2012. At that time, KCPS was unaccredited by the state of Missouri. Under Dr. Green’s leadership, KCPS earned 92.5 points towards the state of Missouri’s school achievement standards in 2014. That was 8.5 points more than the what the school district earned in 2013, and a 54.5-point leap from the 2012 results. In August 2014, Missouri’s Board of Education recognized the gains made by the school district by granting KCPS provisional accreditation.

We suspect that the shake-up of the KCPS administrative infrastructure that Nicastro was thwarted from completing had something to do with this.

As well as what we hear are going to be disappointing MAP scores this late summer.

The good news is that Académie Lafayette didn’t enter into a contract with KCPS over the use of SouthWest: who knows what the next Superintendent will want to do?

Or, inevitably another couple of years down the road, the one after that?

Nicastro should have been listened to instead of being pilloried.

KCPS Goes Greenless

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  1. Which, like his esteemed predecessor, is waaaaay early: Green has 3 years left on a 5 year contract. Good grief people, will you never learn?

4 Replies to “KCPS Goes Greenless”

  1. If this indeed happed have to say I’m disappointed – I expected more out of Dr. Green than just doing the career ladder shuffle. Maybe he really thinks he can make more of a difference in Atlanta than KC but it’s sad he’s planning on leaving without finishing either his contract or the work he said he would do.

  2. Thank goodness some members of the board had the good sense to step away from negotiations with the school district over SWEC Can you imagine the mess that would be in with a new super coming in?

  3. KCPS just keeps getting worse and worse. What was wrong with our board that they could not see this coming? It’s not as if it’s without plenty of precedent.

  4. Green did a rather impressive job while he was here. Hopefully the district will find someone of his caliber as a replacement. If they don’t that same administrative mafia that’s sucked the life blood out of the district for so long will regain the upper hand. You’re right about Nicastro’s plan and how she was shopped.

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