Jeb Bush

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(Unannounced) 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush is (not surprisingly) having issues with reality already. On the plus side, it did get him in the news; his presumptive “campaign” is not so much “low key” as just plain indifferent. Indeed, of late the only thing more apathetic has been America’s response to Jeb’s efforts. B I G yawn. 1

Which is okay; from the cheap seats it appears the GOP has abandoned the clown car concept in favor of the clown bus, specifically one of the new fire engine red Borisbuses. There are going to be so many Rethugs vying for attention ol’ Jeb is sure to get lost in the shuffle.

Unless his pappy dies.

George H.W. Bush is getting up there –  he’s 91 and, according to all accounts, in ill-health. Should he pass between now and the election there are certain Rethugs who would feel it necessary to make sure Jeb got the nomination.

Then we’d have Bush v Clinton II, The Rematch.

Wouldn’t that just be fucking swell? 2

Jeb Bush

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  1. Some of us have been ignoring Jeb best we can: read my lips – No More Bushes!
  2. Hey, the Rethugs would reason, we already have SCOTUS stacked! This will be a piece o’cake!

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